Other Products

Olives are not the only product we have planted! 

Over the last several years, we have continued planting with several other different types of fruits:

- vineyard with 430 field blend grapes of cabernet / cabernet franc / petite syrah.

- 100 pistachio trees

 - few apple / apricot / pear trees

Bottles to purchase

We currently have 2 bottle size options:

8 oz - $8

16 oz - $15

Please contact us via email to place an order!


Our Product And Information

Harvesting Info

We harvested the olives for the first time in 2012. That harvest yielded 8,000 lbs of olives which produced 120 gallons of oil.

In 2013, we harvested over 15,000 lbs of olives which produced 275 gallons of oil

Olive Varietals

In 2006, we planted our first varietal of olives. The Arbequina olive. It is a highly aromatic olive from Spain. The oil has a wonderful deep, rich, intense natural flavor, but it is not overpowering.

In 2013, we planted 120 trees of the Picual varietal. The Picual olives are from Spain, as well. We are excited to see how the flavor will turn out in our soil.

Big Red Farms

Big Red Farms

We are a local family, in the heart of Capay Valley. 10 miles west of Cache Creek Casino, in the town of Guinda.

We planted our first 1000 Arbequina olive trees in 2006.

Although we are not certified organic by the state of California, we always have and always will conduct our farming in an organic manner.